Goa Congress to release manifesto after consulting experts across state

Panaji : Goa Congress’s Manifesto Committee Chairperson Ramakant Khalap and Co-chairperson Elvis Gomes held a press conference today to announce the key points from the Manifesto. “We will consult experts who will have knowledge about the past, present and possible future of Goa before releasing the manifesto,” said Khalap.
Khalap asserted that Manifesto would discuss the unemployment issue . “BJP in its previous election campaign promised employment. Recently  they proclaimed that they will give 10,000 Jobs, but this is merely an election gimmick and a promise that will not be fulfilled”, said Khalap.
Congress’s manifesto would also discuss the overhaul of education that is set to happen due to National Education Policy.
Various provisions that can be implemented with respect to immovable property will also be discussed. “Goans’ asset is their land, the government by introducing Bhumiputra Adhikarini bill clearly does not want to protect the land of Goans,  land to the tillers is not implemented in its truest sense. we would include provisions related to Mundkars too,” said Khalap.
Another aspect that Congress wants to discuss is that of Information Technology and how it can help in e-governance.
The committee has informed that they would release the manifesto within a month.


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