Goa cabinet approves Iron ore dump handling policy


Panaji: Goa cabinet on Friday approved the Dump Handling Policy, 2023 which will pave way for the auctioning of low-grade ore lying in different private lands.

State chief minister Pramod Sawant told reporters that in the first phase the erstwhile mining lease holders, who have iron ore dumps on their lands, would be allowed to export it, after adhering to the procedures.

He said that the dumps on whom the convergence fee is paid would be able to export the ore after paying the royalty to the state government. Sawant said that the state government has contemplated revenue of Rs 200 crore from these dumps.

He said that in the first phase, total ten million metric tonnes of ore could be exported under this policy. He said that the owners of these dumps will have to pay a premium to the state government.

“We have not yet decided about the quantum of the premium. But it was decided in the cabinet that the premium will have to be paid,” Sawant said.

The chief minister stated that twelve lease holders have already applied seeking permission to export the dumps.

Sawant said that the policy has been tweaked wherein only the exporter would be eligible to buy the ore from the lease holder.


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