ECI allocates Goencho Swabhiman Party   symbol of ‘Football Player’


Panaji: Goencho Swabhiman Party  has been allocated the symbol of football player by the Election Commision of India. Party President Swapnesh Sherlekar made this announcement at a Press conference held today, where he appealed to Goans to support a regional and local party that puts the interests of Goa and Goans as the helm.


Explaining the choice of party symbol, he elaborated “Playing Football has always been an inseparable part of the Goan ethos. Hence  as a Goan and regional party, it made sense to choose a symbol that reflected the Goan culture and identity.”


He went on to say that while the Party has presently announced two candidates from Calangute and Thivim constituencies respectively, it will be coming out with more candidates as the state proceeds towards elections.


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