DySP Edwin Colaco pens, composes video urging people to stay indoors


Panaji: Goa police have extensively used social media and has been using persuasive approach to ensure that people stay indoors during the lockdown period, State Inspector General of Police Jaspal Singh said.

Singh was addressing section of media after lauching video song “Ghorantuch Tum Rav” composed by Deputy Superintendent of Police Edwin Colaco.

“We have been extensively used social media and using info-graphic to create awareness amongst the people asking them to stay indoors. People are more convinced when they see the information in visual platform,” Singh said.

“People have really liked the approach of Goa Police. We have adopted persuasive approach,” he said.

The IGP said that the situation of Goa is much better compared to the rest of the country, and the credit for it, goes to the people of the state who remain indoors during the lockdown period.

Singh said that the credit also goes to the health machinery and men in uniform who have been working day in and out.

The song is produced by Everstone Studios.

Lyrics and screenplay: Edwin Colaco

Singers: Cielda Pereira, Elvis Mascarenhas

Artists: Elvis Mascarenhas, Elaine Pinto, Sara Pereira

Direction: Andrew de Souza

Cinematographer: Jose Pereira


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