Disqualification petition verdict: Pauskar, Ajgaonkar forged resolution to misguide Speaker: Dhavalikar



Porvorim: The focus is now on Speaker’s verdict scheduled to be pronounced on Wednesday evening on the disqualification of two ministers – Babu Ajgaonkar and Deepak Pauskar.

MGP leader Sudin Dhavalikar, who has filed the petition, said that he is confident that Speaker Rajesh Patnekar will give proper verdict considering the facts of the case.

Dhavalikar claimed that Pauskar and Ajgaonkar, in their defence, had produced a bogus resolution claiming Pauskar’s younger brother, Sandeep as the party president.


He said that it is well known fact that Deepak Dhavalikar was then the President and also continues to hold the post after the election.


Various petitions filed by rival groups in the courts including High Court against Deepak Dhavalikar as President have been thrown out. The Court orders have clearly stated that Deepak Dhavalikar was valid President of the party.


The MGP leader said that the Speaker will consider this important aspect of bogus resolution produced by both the respondents and should disqualify them.

The verdict is likely to be announced at 3.30 pm today


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