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Friday, January 28, 2022

CZMP hearing is a farce and anti Goan : AAP

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Aam Aadmi Party has strongly condemned the one day hearing on the Coastal Zone Management Plan as scheduled by the government and said the so called hearing is nothing but a farce to only to meet the legal provisions and nothing else.
AAP leader Surel Tilve pointed out that the hearing on Mormugao Port Trust’s coal handling went on for 10 days and said in comparison to that the hearing of the coastal zone management plan that involves the entire coastline of Goa should take more time.
Further he pointed out that the hearing on the expansion of MPT and setting up a finger jetty took four days and asked what is the logic in fixing only one day to decide the plan for the entire coastline of Goa and accused the government of merely indulging in a mockery of the legal requirement.
He said the government is only seeking to restrict the number of speakers on the CZMP and hence trying to suppress the voice of the people which is actually up in arms against this plan as various gram sabhas have already rejected the CZMP and the haste in which the government is conducting the hearing is nothing but suppressing the voice of the people.
He pointed out that the High Court in its order has already said that Goa is a land worth fighting for and hence the government should allow the people to fight for their rights and privileges and not bulldoze its way through.



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