COVID-19 treatment: Goa to have plasma bank



Panaji: Health Minister Vishwajit Rane on Saturday said that the state will have plasma bank, which can be used to treat COVID-19 patients in future.

He said that Goa government has all the facilities required to collect plasma from the patients who have cured from Coronavirus.

Rane said that Goa Medical College and Hospital, already has facility to have plasma bank.

“We will motivate people to donate plasma, which can be used scientific. Those who have good antibody concentration will be asked to donate plasma,” he said.

The minister said that Kerala government has saved life of eight patients who were critical due to COVID-19 infection.

Rane said that Goa Medical College and Hospital already has department of  transfusion medicine in place, who will be provided with more human resources.

“Once plasma is collected, we will store it and the validity of it is for one year. At our level we will abide by all the guidelines.

We will also communicate with ICMAR about our decision,” he said.

Rane said that there are some patients which are critical. “We will go as per the law and guidelines,” he added.

Rane said that state government does not require any more permission to collect Plasma from covid recovered patient.

“This is right time to do plasma banking to deal with COVID-19,” he said.

Rane said that the state government will use plasma for treatment of COVID-19 patients, only after taking proper permission from the authorities.


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