Congress gearing up for Lok Sabha poll, Social Media teams gets in action


Mapusa: Gearing for the Lok Sabha election 2024, the Congress party on Sunday held a meeting of its social media team and prepared a strategy to reach to the masses.

The Workshop was held under the leadership of GPCC Media Department Chairman Amarnath Panjikar and under the guidance of Social Media Chairman Divyakumar Khandhar

North District President Virendra Shirodkar, Mahila President Beena Naik, Youth President Joel Andrade, Sevadal President Jaidev Prabhugaonkar, Rohan Naik, Ajmal Sayed, Glen Lacerda, Armando Alvares Ferreira, Sohan Shennai, Shamila Siddiqui, Block Presidents and their coordinators were present.

Speaking on the occasion Amarnath Panjikar said that social media is the only tool, which has to be used to reach to the people to strengthen the democracy of the state and country.

“Now a day’s most of the people are using social media. It has become a wonderful medium to get connected with anyone from anywhere. Hence, we need to use it effectively to reach our plans for nation building to the people and need to seek their support to save democracy,” he said.

“BJP has killed our democracy by suppressing the voice of the public and also by encouraging elected representatives to defect and join them. This has to be stopped and only the public can teach such persons by showing them the door during elections by defeating them,” he said.

He said that social media should be used to show how the Bhrasht Janata Party is stifling the voice of the public. “We are not here to spread negativity like a saffron party, but we need to spread a message of love in the areas where hatred is spread by insensitive BJP governments,” he said.

He said that BJP is trying to erase the history of the country, wherein leaders of Congress party played a vital role to get independence. “we need to show our contribution to the country to the people by using social media,” he said.

“Our posts should be based on facts and the truth. We should not use it to malign any individual or party unnecessarily, how the saffron party’s IT team is doing,” he pointed out.

Divyakumar Khandhar also spoke on the occasion and guided the members in regards to use of social media.The objective of the workshop is empowering our party with digital skills to effectively engage, connect, and amplify our message he said

Glen Lacerda, Shamila Siddiqui, Armando Ferreira Alvares and Rohan Naik trained the members by using power point presentation about the ongoing effective trend of social media via Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Divyakumar Khandhar welcomed, while Sohan Shennai proposed a vote of thanks. The similar program to be conducted on coming Sunday at South Goa District Congress office Margao.


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