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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Congress demands roadmap of additional facilities to combat COVID

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Panaji: The leader of Congress Tulio De Sousa has alleged that Goans are succumbing to the COVID-19 as state lacks in medical facilities to treat patients infected with virus and has demanded with government to come up with roadmap for additional facilities in this area.

Tulio De Sousa on Thursday addressed a press conference in Congress House Panaji and said that people are succumbing to COVID as Pramod Sawant led BJP government has failed to provide medical facilities to virus infected people. Panaji Block President Joel Andrade was also present.

Leader Tulio De Sousa said that there is no clarity from the government on steps taken to contain the spread of COVID.

“Government has failed to tackle the situation and hence our Goans are succumbing to COVID. Actually wrong decisions by the government have led to a spike in the cases.” He said.

He said even the government failed to give clarity on curfew announced by Chief Minister Pramod Sawant. “He has even failed to give a roadmap on creating additional facilities to tackle COVID related cases. As the cases are increasing every passing day, there is need to create additional facilities.” He said.

“We want to know what steps government has taken to procure oxygen and whether an elaborate exercise is being done in co-ordination with the center to ensure adequate supply.” He said.

He warned BJP government not make Utsav of peoples misery, pain and sufferings.

“Vaccination program is reflection that people are suffering due to COVID and hence BJP should not derive political mileage by converting this program into Utsav” He said.


Andrade said that on the pretext of COVID restrictions, the insensitive BJP government tried to suppress the voice of taxi owners, who were agitating in the capital city and students, who were demanding to postponed board exams, however there are no restrictions laid down on functioning of casinos.

“Our medical system is crumbling. There are no equipments to treat patients. People are dying as there are no facilities.” He said.

Andrade condemned the careless and lethargic approach of the government towards combating COVID-19.

“Chief Minister should tell us about the mechanism which will keep watch on 50 per cent gatherings in as allowed by him in hotels and other places.” He said.

He said that on one hand, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant is stating that lockdown will not help to break the chain of COVID, however on other hand requests people not to move out of the house. “CM Sawant has failed to give clarity on his statements.” Andrade said.

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