Congress attacks BJP on mining issue, Sawant assures solution


Sanguem/Panaji: While Congress party on Sunday laid scathing attack on BJP for their failure to resume mining industry, State Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said that only his party (BJP) can provide solution for the issue.

Congress Goa Spokesman Yatish Naik addressing a press conference in Panaji accused BJP of creating problem for mining industry, which has come to standstill since March 2018 after Supreme Court quashed 88 mining leases.

Naik said that the BJP has been promising solution for the mining crisis since 2014, when it ran into trouble for the first time. He said that the BJP has been often assuring to resume the mining industry, and have repeated their promise even in the manifesto for upcoming Lok Sabha election.

Congress has questioned what are the steps that are being taken by BJP to resume the mining industry.

While Congress attacked BJP, the Chief Minister said that he understands the pain of mining dependents.

Making an emotional appeal to the mining dependents, Sawant on Sunday said that he knows the pain of people working in this industry, as his own father was one amongst them.

“I know how the people dependent on mining industry suffer when there is lay off or disturbance to the industry. I represent the Assembly constituency which is having mining as major economic activity,” Sawant told BJP workers in South Goa’s Sanguem assembly constituency while campaigning for party candidate Narendra Sawaikar.

South Goa has sizeable number of mining dependents, who are now jobless due to closure of the industry since March, 2018.

“I know the pain of the people because I belong to the family of mining dependents. My father was a machine operator at Chowgule Industries (a mining firm),” he said.

“I can very well understand what difficulties are faced by people dependent on this industry, when it is shut down. Give me some days to provide solution. We will be finding out the solution. I assure the people dependent on mining industry that only BJP government can solve this issue,” he said.


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