Confused MGP does what it has been doing, changes colours


Mardol: Confused MGP which has fielded candidate against Congress in Shiroda Assembly Constituency has now said that it would withdraw support from Pramod Sawant-led government.

MGP’s announcement came after its President Deepak Dhavalikar shared stage with Congress North Goa Parliament Candidate Girish Chodankar on Friday.

Dhavalikar who had announced their tie up with Congress despite supporting BJP finally said that they would withdraw support. The withdrawal of support will not affect stability of Sawant led government.

“We have decided to withdraw support to Pramod Sawant led government. We will be soon writing to Governor Mridula Sinha withdrawing our support,” MGP President Deepak Dhavalikar said.

Dhavalikar said that the party has decided to support Congress in both the Lok Sabha seats in Goa.

Sawant led government is currently enjoying support of 14 BJP MLAs, three each from Goa Forward Party and Independents, totaling to 20.

After MGP withdraws its support, the opposition will have 14 members from congress and one each from MGP and NCP.


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