CM sawant must solve the Sanguem bridge problem immediately, demands AAP



Aam Aadmi Party today extended its support to Sanguekarancho Ekvott in their struggle to get the bridge at Bendwada constructed at the earliest and lamented that even contractors are adopting the lying attitude of Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant.

It may be recalled that work on the bridge started one year back but was stopped due to the pandemic and in recent times a local politician is interfering in the work to delay it as much as possible. AAP Sanguem Unit’s Sandeep Naik lamented that the contractor who had undertaken the work has also started lying to the people.

“He had moved material and machinery from the site some time ago and assured that it would be returned immediately but nothing like that happened,” pointed out Sandeep and lamented that the locals had to resort to a strike to get the “deaf” government listen to their grievances.

He asked the chief minister to immediately get the bridge constructed so that people have connectivity and can move about in their lives specially in times of the covid threat that has literally paralysed people and their lives.


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