CM Has Conveniently Forgotten that new site needs to be identified for IIT : Rohan Khaute



Panaji : Independent MLA Rohan Khaute has slammed CM Dr Pramod Sawant for not identifying a news site for IIT.

Earlier the IIT was supposed to come up at Shel-Melaulim but after widespread protests, the project was dropped.

In a  tweet Rohan Khaute the MLA of Porvorim wrote :

“.@DrPramodPSawant has conveniently forgotten that a new site needs to be identified for #IIT. Probable memory refresh depends on results of #Election 2022 ! Similar is the case of Police atrocities against the hapless villagers of #Melauli

who were protesting for their habitats & livelihoods. Will Justice ever be served ?”


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