CEO directs political parties to make polls Eco-friendly


Panaj: Ensuring safe and clean environment during polls, the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), following directions from the Election Commission of India (ECI) has asked all the political parties and their respective candidates to make use of eco-friendly substances as part of their campaigning process.

Addressing a press conference today, North District Election Officer R Menaka said that political parties are directed to make use of biodegradable material for campaigning.

“As per ECI directions, the political parties are asked to make very less use of plastic and other non biodegradable material,” she said.

The elections for Lok Sabha seats and three assembly constituencies is scheduled on April 23. The nomination process will begin from March 28.

In North Goa, total number of eligible voters are 5,53,206. There are 110 service voters and 11 overseas electors.

The constituency will have 842 polling stations -700 rural and 142 urban.


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