Cardinal Filipe Neri’s Message on the occasion of Christmas


Christmas is a season of hope, love and communion. Christians believe that God came to earth at that first Christmas and that he is now with us, the Emmanuel. He kept aside his power and, in the person of Jesus Christ, took upon himself our fragile nature. He became one with humanity, one with the least of all, and in doing so, he created a union, a communion between him and humankind. He showed us how to love, respect and care for each other so that our life becomes a living and constant service to God and to our fellow human beings.

As I wish everyone a Happy and Blessed Christmas, I pray that we may all strive to reach out to everyone, particularly to the least and the last, listen to the voices and the needs of the people around us and spend our lives in the service of others, building thereby a new society and a strong communion of communities.
God’s blessings on all during this Christmas time!


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