Calangute panchayat to sterilise 2000 stray dogs under ‘Mission Calangute 4 pets’

Bardez: The Calangute panchayat in association with the Directorate of Animal Husbandry and Noah’s Animal Care Shelter has taken up the challenge to sterilise the strays and control its rising number. All the strays that loiter on the beaches will be taken to the shelter where they will be sterilised.
This initiative was taken up in view of the rise in the population of stray dogs which is turning into a menace especially for the tourists. On several occasions the locals who went on early morning walks were attacked by the strays. Ports Minister Michael Lobo, Deputy Director of Animal Husbandry Dr Marvin Lopes and the Calangute Sarpanch Francisco Rodrigues were present while inaugurating ‘Mission Calangute 4 pets’


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