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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Boost to Goa TMC in Aldona & St. Andre as more than 50 grassroots leaders join the party fold


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In a big boost to the already expanding Goa TMC, 32 grassroots leaders from Aldona joined the party fold in the presence of Goa TMC leader Shri Kiran Kandolkar. Most of the leaders were earlier associated with different parties but jumped ship since they believe that TMC is the only party that has the intent and the conviction to oust the BJP from Goa. Amongst the leaders who joined today, 16 are ex-Congressmen, 12 came from BJP, 2 from MGP, and 2 are first-timers.

At the event, Shri Kiran Kandolkar made a very emphatic speech and said, ‘We need to beware of those who are trying to stoke religious fire. We need to preserve Aldona constituency for our future generation. My first priority will be to stop the injustice happening to the people of Aldona constituency. I am from your village, so give me 5 years and if I fail you, send me home.’

Talking about how pragmatic Goa TMC’S flagship scheme ‘Griha Laxmi’ is, Shri Kiran Kandolkar stated, ‘A family needs Rs 12,000 per month for basic needs. When we come to power, we will provide guaranteed income support of Rs 5,000 per month to a woman in every household as their rightful entitlement. This money will not come from the party or from us, but it will be from your taxes that will be collected in a proper manner.’

Simultaneously, in another event at St Andre, 25 booth-level workers and supporters of TMC leader Rama Kankonkar joined the party fold and assured to work for the welfare of Goans.
Goa TMC welcomes all well-intended grassroots leaders into its party fold and promises to work in tandem with them to usher a ‘New Dawn’ in Goa.

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