BJP’s Siddesh Naik slams Congress, says party displaying their ‘pettiness’

Panaji: BJP youth leader Siddesh Shripad Naik came down heavily on the Congress and said that they are displaying their ‘pettiness’ instead of being a constructive Opposition.
In a tweet on Monday, Naik wrote that, “Congress can never look beyond political optics. To make the matters worse, they are frustrated with party’s current state of affairs and lack of leadership. So instead of being a constructive opposition, they are displaying their pettiness at every point.”
Referring to the press conference held by the Congress on Monday, Naik stated, “Today’s press conference is a prime example of how Congress has lost the plot in Goa. They had lost people’s support long ago and with a rudderless leadership, like displayed today, they are further losing credibility that was already at all time low.”


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