BJP must apologise for insulting remarks on Goan diaspora across the globe – Digambar Kamat


Margao – Goemkars all across the globe are proud of their mother land Goa. They contribute immensly for the betterment & welfare of the State. I strongly condemn the insulting remark by BJP Office Bearers calling Goan Diaspora “Bebe”. We demand immediate apology from the BJP demanded Leader of Opposition Digambar Kamat.

I want to urge the government to listen and consider the views and suggestions of the Goans staying abroad, specially when the said views are in the interest of betterment of Goa. The Goans abroad have every right to raise concerns on issues concerning Goa claimed Digambar Kamat.

The Goans who are working abroad have always kept a connect with their mother land. They have always contributed to boost the economy of the State and in foreign exchange earnings. It is the duty of the Government and each and every political party to recognise their service and contribution stated Digambar Kamat.

The attitude of the BJP Government has always remained anti- NRI’s and against all those who work abroad for earning their bread & butter with hardwork. This government has time and again insulted or rediculed them. Today, retired Seafarers & their widows are made to beg for their rightful pensions. It is unfortunate that BJP has remained insensitive towards them said Digambar Kamat.

I want to remind the local BJP leadership that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is always addressing the Indian Diaspora for his propoganda meetings abroad. Is this the way BJP wants to use them only for gaining political mileage questioned Digambar Kamat.




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