BJP Government murdering democracy inside and outside the House—Vijai



Goa Forward Party president and Fatorda MLA Vijai Sardesai today accused the BJP Government of murdering democracy inside as well as outside the Assembly. He said that Dr.Pramod Sawant and his government have become puppets of the Union Government, and charged the treasury benches of corruption and complicity. “All of you have taken supari from Adani to finish Goa. Your days are numbered; many of you won’t be here the next time. This is the last budget of your government” said Sardesai.

The Assembly witnessed noisy scenes as Vijai Sardesai along with other opposition MLAs barged into the well of the House, demanding a discussion on land acquisition for double tracking. “This government just doesn’t want to answer any questions. They want to hold this session as a mere ritual. We don’t even get answers in time, in violation of rule 42 of Procedure and Conduct of Business of the Goa Assembly. Hon’ble Speaker should be fair and intervene” said Sardesai.

Later, while speaking to reporters outside the legislative assembly, he said that he has moved a Private Member’s Bill seeking 80% jobs for locals in the private sector. A similar bill has been approved by the BJP government in Haryana, Sardesai said, even as he sought to know why the Goa government was reluctant to introduce it. “We will get to know the government’s stand on this issue,” Dr.Pramod Sawant should give a concrete assurance on the floor of the house that he would bring this bill in the form a Government Bill, he said.

Having exposed many scams of this government such as Labour Gate, Quarantine Gate and others, Sardesai said that in the coming days, he would expose more scams on the floor of the house especially during the Demands.

Vijai added “as Team Goa, we can defeat the BJP led by Dr.Pramod Sawant. This is our final shot to save Goa. This is a penalty shootout. We must focus all our energy, all our determination and all our willpower to get the goal. This is the final match for all Goemkars, and united together, we can win it with flying colours.


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