BJP chants Digambara, Digambara for their meeting



MARGAO: Even as Congress MLA Digambar Kamat’s name figured prominently at the meeting of BJP MLAs on Saturday evening, many a party MLA is reported to have expressed their strong reservations over any move to welcome the former Chief Minister in the party in a post-Parrikar  scenario, as per the report in The Goan Daily Newspaper.

The report has quoted reliable sources informing  that the BJP MLAs dwelt at length over reports doing the rounds in the state that the Margao MLA, who had quit the BJP in 2005 to embrace the Congress resulting in the fall of the Manohar Parrikar government, was on his way back to the BJP.

The issue was reportedly raised by Calangute MLA Michael Lobo, who drew attention of his colleagues to reports on Digambar’s recent visit to Delhi and speculations that the Margao MLA may be part of the party in a post-Parrikar scenario, the newspaper has said.

During discussions, the MLAs are believed to have maintained that they are not aware of any moves by the local leadership to get the Margao MLA into the party fold, adding that such moves, if any, may have originated at the Centre.

However, many a party MLA, including a Minister is believed to have firmly opposed Digambar’s entry into the party and that with the coveted post of Chief Minister.

One of the MLAs, sources said, was of of the opinion that the person responsible for the collapse of the Manohar Parrikar government in 2005 should not be welcomed with the high post.

However, there was another MLA, who sources said, maintained that the issue of Digambar’s entry into the BJP should be left for the party’s central leadership to decide.

Another MLA, sources also informed was of the opinon that even though the party central leadership may favour Digambar’s return to the party fold as part of the number game, the Margao MLA should not in any way be crowned with the Chief Minister’s post.

Sources in the know informed that the issue of leadership of the BJP Legislature party will be discussed by the top party leaders from Delhi, who are expected to come down to the state in two days time, the newsapaper says.



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