Banastarim accident: Court observes Paresh Sawardekar was in the knowledge that his act may be culpable


Ponda: The court on Tuesday observed that Paresh Sawardekar who was on reportedly on the steering wheel of the Mercedes car that mowed down three had driven the car in inebriated condition with the knowledge that his act of driving may be culpable.
Judge Cholu M Gauns, Additional Sessions Judge of Panaji sitting at Ponda, mentions that the air blank test of the accused indicate he has 94 mg/100 ml alcohol in his blood at the time of the accident.
The case papers, that is, panchanama and photographs reveal that empty beer bottles, plastic bottle containing in it alcohol smelling liquid was found stored in the Mercedes car which the applicant was driving, he said.
“These circumstances supports prosecution contention that applicant was driving the vehicle under influence of alcohol. These circumstances further demonstrates that the applicant has driven car rash and negligently with the knowledge that his act of driving may be culpable, within meaning of section 304 of IPC and has caused death of three innocent individuals,” the order reads.
The court observed that the investigation is at preliminary stage. “The statement of eye witnesses are yet to be recorded. Considering the seriousness of offence some time is required to be given to investigation officer to investigate the case.”
“The accused is Goan, the possibility of influencing witnesses cannot be ruled out.”
The court also observed that the accused is in the habit of over speeding.


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