Babu Kavlekar under Aires Rodrigues’ scanner 



Panaji: Town and Country Planning Minister Babu Kavlekar is now under scanner of social activist and lawyer Aires Rodrigues.

Rodrigues has pointed out to Kavlekar’s action of allowing zone change under section 16 B of the TCP Act despite being provisions being under challenge before the High Court.

“It is deplorable that the Town and Country Planning Board is continuing to consider applications for Zone change under Section 16 B of the TCP Act despite that provision being under challenge before the High Court,” Rodrigues has said.

“This colossal environmental degradation that Goa has been witnessing over the years by way of rampant destruction of hills, fragmentation of pristine vegetated verdant landscapes and ruthless chopping of trees by not even sparing from pouring concrete in our low lying fields is taking a toll on our once scenic and picturesque State,” he said.

“Lack of proper planning while cluttering of environmentally incompatible new constructions all over without the much needed infrastructure has landed Goa in the current state of utter chaos,” he said .

“With political blessings the real estate mafia has swiftly enriched itself multifold while leaving the common man to face the brunt of their misdeeds,” he added.

“If those in power do not take urgent corrective, well planned and sustainable measures to save our remaining natural ecosystems, the god gifted landscape, the ecosensitive beaches, sand dunes, Khazans, wetlands, Salt pans, the last remaining hills and farms, the orchards, rivers, estuaries, lakes, ponds, springs, fountains of Goa for protecting our ecology, we will have to face a catastrophic disaster soon.”


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