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Friday, January 21, 2022

All 8000 failed ? Either CM is joking or Education under him has failed : AAP

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Panaji: The AAP has charged the government of playing a cruel joke on the youth of Goa by declaring after nearly a year of the exams that all 8000 candidates who had appeared for the accountants exam had failed.

Party’s State  General Secretary Pradeep Padgaonkar said that if that be the case, that all 8000 had failed, than it is a sad commentary on the collapse of the education system in Goa and a big shame on the Goa university and the commerce colleges that produce these graduates.

“Parrikar has been the longest serving education minister. He has lowered the standard of education or it is clear that those in power could not get the candidates of their choice and hence had surely victimised all others. Padgaonkar said that the delay of nearly a year in declaring the results was raising a grave suspicion about the interference of the political class in the recruitment process and demanded a court monitored investigation to know the truth.


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