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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

AAP’s launches Mega Movement demanding Jobs For All Goans!


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Panaji: The Aam Aadmi Party today launches a movement asking Goenkars to take a stance against the spectacular failure of the Sawant Sarkar to provide jobs to Goenkars especially the youth. AAP urged Goenkars to take a pledge against parties who have failed to provide them jobs at jobsforallgoans.in or give a missed call at 8512 890 890. Today the largest problem impacting youth in Goa is the jobs crisis. Whether it is Govt or private the Goa Govt has not been able to give jobs to all Goenkars, or generate private jobs. Pramod Sawant made big announcements but if he kept his promise, the problem of unemployment would not have exploded to this level today.

In March this year, Goa reported the third highest unemployment rate in the country at 21.1%, almost a 6% increase in 6 months. Again and again, the Goa government has promised thousands of government jobs every time there is an election. The jobs disappear after the election. Politicians after politicians, parties after parties have promised jobs but no one has been able to deliver. The intentions of these politicians have always been bad. The only people in Goa who get jobs are relatives and friends of politicians. The ordinary Goenkar who has worked very hard to get a degree and is qualified is not able to get jobs unless he goes and begs in front of his MLA.
The Goa government has made promises of improving ease of doing business that could create more employment opportunities. This promise disappears after the elections. Goa State Industry Association has openly accused the current Goa govt of corruption. There is rampant red-tapism and malpractices. Ultimately, ordinary Goans are suffering. A govt or private job is the right of every Goan. This is what the AAP believes.

“Today, we are launching a movement asking the people of Goa asking people what they want. That is, if they want the current system or they want a change. If they want only relatives of ministers to get jobs or all Goans to get jobs.” said AAP National Spokesperson Raghav Chadha. “Both generating jobs in Goa and giving govt jobs is absolutely possible. We have to come together to get jobs for all hardworking Goans” added Chadha.
“We have heard so many stories in which people have told us that their children have been looking for jobs for so many years and have been going through so many hardships to find one job” Said Rahul Mhambre AAP Goa Convenor. “It is not impossible for the Govt to get jobs for Goenkars, it is only a matter of will, and the Sawant Sarkar is unwilling” added Mhambre.

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