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AAP provides Oximeters to Goa Badminton Association. Stands with Goa’s athletes

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AAP’s Oximitra campaign is reaching every corner of Goa. Upon hearing about it Goa Badminton Association’s General Secretary Sandeep Heble reached out to the party for Oximeters so that the Association could provide better care to it’s athletes. Our team was more than happy to oblige.

Upon his request, a team of volunteers went on to donate oximeters and performed oxygen level checkup as well.

“I’d like to thank AAP for this great initiative during the Corona pandemic. By providing us these oximeters we can now check the pulse and oxygen levels of the players so they can train in safety” said Goa Badminton Association’s General Secretary Sandeep Heble.

“In this tough time it’s important to stand together. Goa is world famous for it’s sporting culture and theses athletes represent our future” said Rahul Mhambre AAP Goa Convenor


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