AAP inaugurates new office in Calangute


The Aam Aadmi Party inaugurated a new office in Calangute on Tuesday. The new office was inaugurated by AAP Goa convenor Rahul Mhambre & the Calangute team including Sudesh Mayekar AAP leader, Manuel Cardozo Calangute Assembly incharge & Godwin Fernandes AAP Leader


While addressing Calangute residents after the inauguration Rahul Mhambre, AAP Goa convenor said, “the BJP and the Congress divide people. We need to unite and work for the betterment of Goa. Arvind Kejriwal is man of words. Kejriwal does what he says. Calangute is known as a tourist place. During Covid most people from Calangute belt lost their job and the economic conditions got worse”.


“CM Pramod Sawant talking about 10 thousand jobs ahead of assembly elections but BJP is ruling Goa from the past 10 years. How many jobs BJP able to  provide?”, questioned Mhambre.


“When AAP talks about free electricity and free pilgrimage programme, some people question us. An MLA don’t spend his money on electricity, water and he also get certain amount of petrol for free. Who pays for his amenities? Tax payers. Tax payers should also deserve basic amenities for free. Goans have been voting for BJP and Congress. Now it’s a time to give a chance to AAP”, Mhambre said further.


Sudesh Mayekar, AAP leader said, “Goa need a change and AAP is only alternative. Calangute residents want basic facilities like free electricity, water and good roads. AAP will work for that. We don’t want to do any politics. This time give a chance to AAP, you will forget Congress and BJP. We want to earn our seats by doing work and not by just talking”.


“The new office will be open from morning to evening. Residents will now easily be able to reach out to the party leadership via this office. People can come to the office anytime if they need help for official work to avail government schemes. Even panch members can seek assistance from AAP. People from Calangute constituency can approach the office and do their registration for job guarantee programme, electricity guarantee programme, free pilgrimage programme and other guarantee programmes of AAP that will be declared in the future. AAP members are always ready to help everyone”, Mayekar said.

AAP Calangute Assembly incharge Manuel Cardozo stated “The residents of Calangute have suffered the worst under BJP’s misgovernance. Many tourism impacted families are interested in Kejriwal’s job Guarantee and support to of INR 5000 to them till tourism gets back on its two feet. Calangute looks to AAP as way out of the misgovernance of BJP and Congress  & an MLA who is more interested in Nepotism than the constituency”


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