AAP Goa seeks apology from BJP after Damu Naik’s remark on Goans living abroad

Panaji: Aam Aadmi Party has heavily criticised the statement made by BJP leader Damu Naik, and has demanded an apology from Naik and the BJP for making such comments.
Senior BJP leader and former BJYM president Damu Naik had made a controversial statement calling Goans working outside Goa as “frogs”. AAP leader Venzy Viegas said that the AAP condemns these remarks made by Damu Naik as a senior BJP functionary.
Venzy further mentioned that these immigrants who have moved from Goa have gone outside because BJP and Congress governments, including the current one, have failed to provide employment to them in the state. In order to feed their families, they are compelled to go outside the state or abroad to work. But at the same time, they have not lost the connection with their motherland and continue to share affection with Goa.
Terming them ‘frogs’ is not acceptable. Damu and BJP must apologise. Venzy mentioned that a few months ago, Pratapsingh Rane had said, “Goans go abroad and clean the toilets”. Venzy emphasised that no work is big or small, it is the dignity of labour and dignity of Goans which is upheld when Goans work abroad. The BJP should be ashamed that they could not create any employment opportunities in Goa and hence, these people had to go abroad looking for employment opportunities.
The BJP leaders must mind their words and language when they speak about Goans working outside the state and the people of Goa. Damu Naik and BJP must apologise for such derogatory remarks for Goans working abroad and outside Goa. “We at the AAP salute the sacrifices made by the Goans living abroad,” Venzy said in his statement.


  1. What Goans can expect from these undeclared alliance Congress & BJP. Congress said NRI Goans are Toilet Cleaners and now BJP said NRI Goans are Frogs.


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