AAP announces eight point agenda for Goa’s ST population


Panaji: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Friday announced eight point agenda for the Scheduled Tribe community in the poll-bound state of Goa.

AAP National Convener Arvind Kejriwal told mediapersons in Panaji that AAP will focus on the eradicating the injustice meted out to this community in the state by all the former governments.

He said that the State government has been violating the Indian Constitution and the law of the land to keep the ST community away from their rights.

Announcing the eight point agenda, Kejriwal said that the 12.5 per cent of the total budget of the state would be dedicated for the welfare of ST community under Tribal Sub Plan.

He said that 12.5 per cent amounts to Rs 2,400 crore annually while in reality hardly Rs 200-300 crore is earmarked in the the Tribal Sub Plan, of which hardly any amount is spent. “This is the reason why tribal areas in the state lack infrastructural facilities,” Kejriwal commented.

In yet another announcement, the Delhi chief minister pointed out that there are almost 3,000 posts for ST population, in different government departments, which are vacant.

He said that these posts will be filled on emergency basis so that the youth will get jobs. Kejriwal said that the ST population will also be give priority in employment in private sector.

The AAP has also assured that 12.5 per cent reservation for ST community in the Assembly seats will also be implemented after taking up the issue with the centre.

Kejriwal said that the ST community members will be given free treatment and will also be provided with good schools and free education.

Alike all other women in the state, the ST community women will also get Rs 1,000 per month as an allowance while unemployed youth will be given Rs 3,000 per month, he added.

AAP has fielded its candidates in all the 40 Assembly constituencies of Goa. The elections for Goa are scheduled on February 14.


  1. AAP has given Financial Support to all the people of Delhi including Taxi & Auto Drivers. AAP has given 1 Cr. For the Frontline Warriors who died of Covid-19 Disease. AAP has given 1 Cr. For the Army & Policemen who died on duty. AAP will be the Parents of those children who’s both Mother & Father has died due to Covid-19 Disease. AAP will be the Child of those old Parents whose only earning Child has died due to Covid-19 Disease.


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