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Digamber Kamat expresses concern over fate of Goan seafarers

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Panaji: April 06  Leader of Opposition Digambar Kamat has taken up the issue of Goa Seafarers who are stuck out of the country due to ongoing  COVID-19 crisis.

Kamat tweeted “Families of Goan Seafarers approached me expressing concerns about the fate of their loves ones stranded on ships. I have spoken to Union Minister @shripadynaik and NRI Commissioner @NSawaikar and have urged to take up the issue with @PMOIndia and @DrSJaishankar and ensure their safety.”


  1. Why are random individuals claiming to be ‘concerned’ about Seafarers ‘stranded’ on ships? This is baseless banter and futile falsehood! Even average companies have measures in place to protect ship’s crews. If instructions are followed and procedures complied with, we are better off than most people ashore. All these individuals should stop trying to step into the limelight while staking claim to mileage in the name of Seafarers. Even average shipping companies will not expose their crews to the hazards of the pandemic that prevails. Effecting a crew change does not merely involve booking a flight (rare and expensive these days) home for repatriating a crew member. A suitably qualified reliever must be available at a place from where the crew member can depart. The selected reliever may then have to transit at least 1 intermediate country (and be subject to transit airport health regulations) before arriving at the port of embarkation where he/she must once again comply with local quarantine/health regulations. Only then can the crew change be effected. The disembar5crew member will also have to comply with local health regulations at the disembarking port and transit countries en route home. If the government or any individual believes that ships should stop operating in order to bring home their nationals serving onboard then try to imagine a scenario where nearly 90% of world trade comes to a grinding halt. No food, no medicines no fuel etc… Try to think rationally and be pragmatic before raising slogans!

  2. Seafarers bring foreign currency to India and Government wants seafarers to pay income tax.but now they are stranded on the ship.nobody cares.during vacation nobody pays seafarers.and seafarers work on contract basis and long vacation.i don’t think any sensible person would agree to seafarers paying income-tax.and MLA’s get so many perks just after one term


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