16-year old girl from Margao rescued at Colva beach


Panjim: A 16-year old girl from Margao was rescued from the waters of Colva earlier today by Drishti Lifesaver Suraj Girap.

The incident occurred in the sunny hours of the afternoon as a 16-year old girl was bathing into the sea along with others. On getting a cramp, she called for help which alerted the Drishti Lifesaver, Suraj Girap. He immediately rushed to help the girl and secured her with the rescue tube, bringing her to safety.

According to Drishti, one must always be hydrated by consuming plenty of water before getting into the water, especially in the hot and humid weather. Dehydration can lead to cramps. One must also do a couple of stretches and loosen up the muscles before  going for a long swim.

The human body usually experiences cramps due to dehydration, loss of salts or electrolytes or an occurrence of muscle fatigue or over exhaustion of muscles.


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