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You cannot hear CZMP in one day; don’t trivialise people’s lives – Vijai

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Goa Forward Party president Vijai Sardesai slammed the Chief Minister and the state government for trying to quickly rush the CZMP people’s hearing , saying that “you cannot hold a one-day hearing and expect to hear all the affected residents and understand their problems.” Sardesai hit out saying that “the issue of the CZMP and its illegal re-zoning impact the lives of the residents and cannot be a token one-day formality.”

Goa Forward President Vijai asserted that the government is simply trying to tick the boxes and then claim genuine concern for the people. “Pramod Sawant is on an express train to sell Goa and has no regard for the lives of the residents” said Sardesai, adding that he’s heard numerous complaints from the villagers of Querim (Tiracol), Palolem, and Cola who say that the plan has several errors, and also that the villagers and fishermen from South Goa have pointed out that some of their homes and churches have been left out of the CZMP.

The GFP Chief said that “this is gross misuse of power and the Chief Minister must be held accountable.” Sardesai demanded that the CZMP hearing be extended so that every voice is heard, and that it’s high time that “common sense and concern are drilled into the government’s head.” Vijai also said that the government is using the excuse of COVID-19 as a tool to curtail the Assembly session.

He said “when it comes to tourists spreading COVID-19, or holding unwanted events, there are no restrictions, but when it comes to Goemkars, all protocols are in full force.”

Vijai Sardesai said that “the people of Goa will never forgive Sawant and his government for the constant torture they have inflicted on Goa”. He urged the people to remain loud and firm, and extended his full support to them saying “not only is the Goa Forward Party with you, but also Team Goa and all the people of Goa.”


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