We have B plan ready for continuation of government: Vijai Sardesai


Porvorim: In a statement that could be ready in different ways,   Goa Forward Party Chief and State Town and Country Planning Minister Vijai Sardesai on Tuesday said his party has a Plan B ready to ensure continuity of the government.

 Sardesai, talking to reporters at the sidelines of the Assembly Session, also ruled out any mid-term polls in the State and went on to add that his party has Plan B ready to ensure “continuity of the government.”

 Sardesai said that Congress should ponder over the fact that in the neighbouring State of Karnataka, their CM is threatening to quit, unlike the situation in Goa, where two ministers are at the loggerheads.

“In the neighbouring state of Karnataka, the CM has threatened to quit. Here our CM is not threatening to quit which is a much better situation.”

“Here at least CM wants to continue what does congress wants to say about it?’” he questioned.

Ruling out any threat to the government, Sardesai said his party  has plan B ready, in case any attempts are made to throttle the current dispensation.

“ If anybody wants to leave, he will leave. But I don’t think anybody wants to leave. We formed the government to keep it together,” Sardesai said.

The minister said that in the background of the subtle threats, we (party) have also prepared a plan B, to continue with the government.

“With me it is ready, I don’t know whether it is ready with BJP, that they have to take a call,” Sardesai said refusing to elaborate on the plan.

“Even if there is contemplation that something may happen, we are also prepared. We are not going to sit quiet. We will not allow the government which we have formed to be collapsed so easily,” he commented.

Sardesai recalled that when Manohar Parrikar-led government was formed in the year 2017, there were certain ‘no-go’ areas which were marked. The minister was referring to the gray areas where the alliance partners may have differences.

“If there are some problems in those areas, if somebody is going (in those areas) then it is for the CM to take the call,” he added.

Sardesai ruled out that there was any possibility of mid-term election in the State. “I don’t think mid term election is wanted by anybody other than congress high command who wants to capitalize on health of Parrikar,” he said.

“ Basically, local congress organization and perhaps the congress high command may want election. None of the elected representative wants election. This election bogie is created to freighten the legislators,” he added.


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