We are living in an age of digital burnout: Daulatrao Hawaldar



Panaji: Technology has advanced drstically in the last 50 years. Can humans cope up the new technology which is a double edged sword on one hand it connects people worldwide on the other hand it has caused ‘digital burnout’, said Daulatrao Hawaldar retd IAS officer
Daulatrao Hawaldar while speaking at Gomantak’s Srujan Manch raised concerns over how technology mainly social media platforms are making us impatient. “People are more interested to react and reply than actually hear what the other person wants to convey,” said Hawaldar. Technology is making us lonely and we are losing our creativity,” he says.
“Ernest Hemingway a writer who had won Nobel Proze for his book committed suicide,” when the authorities investigated they realised he commited suicide out of boredrom and monotounous life! “Such is the gravity of boredom,” said Hawaldar. He also inferred that creative minds often require to work on their idea by being alone if you cannot remain alone for a long time them you are lonely. He pointed out that we need to be away from smartphones which are distracting us and making us lonely.  


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