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Vijai Sardesai wants mid-term performance assessment of Ministers

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Panaji: Minister for TCP Vijai Sardesi today said that there is need to conduct the mid-term performance assessment of the cabinet Ministers.

The statement comes at a time, when there are strong rumours about possible cabinet reshuffle post Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar’s return from US.  

 “Mid-term assessment of performance of all the ministers needs to be done. We will do the performance assessment of our Goa Forward Ministers,” said Sardesai, President of Goa Forward party (GFP).

While in opposition, Sardesai was vocal in demanding performance assessment of the then BJP led government. 

Apart from Sardesai, GFP has two more Ministers- Housing Minister Jayesh Salgaoncar and WRD Minister Vinod Palyenkar.


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