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Tribunal has allowed negligible diversion of River from Mahadayi: official

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Panaji: Goa government today said that the amount of diversion of Mahadayi Water allowed by the Tribunal will not have any impact on the coastal state located downstream, as the loss is negligible.

 “The water which is allowed to be diverted by MWDT to Karnataka and Maharashtra is of negligible quantity. The water that has been allowed to be used within the basin will flow down to Goa,” Chetan Pandit, technical consultant of Goa government in the case before MWDT told reporters here.

“I don’t think there will be any environmental impact on Goa because of the diversion,” he commented allaying the fears expressed by Mahadayi Bachao Abhiyaan (MBA).

“Mahadayi River has 188 TMC of water in its basin, of which 6.37 TMC has been allowed to be diverted by MWDT through its verdict on August 14,” Pandit said addressing a press conference flanked by State Water Resources Department Minister Vinod Palyekar.

He said that even after diversion, total 181.33 TMC water would be left in Mahadayi basin, which means there will be no much impact downstream.

Pandit said that the tribunal during its hearing had studied the flow series of the River for last 40 years and they had pointed out that there were many occasions when the basin had water less than 181.33 TMC as a part of natural process.

The Technical consultant, who had deposited before the Tribunal on behalf of Goa, said that Karnataka or Maharashtra cannot take up any project upstream on the water allocated to them without conducting Environmental Impact Assessment or Environment Management Plan.


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