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Threat to Damodar Mauzo was outside Goa specially in Maharashtra and Karnataka

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Majorda: Writer and thinker Damodar Mauzo who has been provided security cover after threat to his life from the right wing organizations was told by intelligence agencies that threat to his life was “more outside Goa.”

Talking to www.goanewshub.com, Mauzo said that he was called by Intelligence sources, a week back, informing that he should be careful, though they have  kept a watch on his security.

“They advised me against leaving the State. But I told them that I have my commitments outside the State at places like Hyderabad, Madras, Karnataka, and Pune,” he said.

“They requested me that I should be informing them about my travel itinerary specially when I travel outside Goa. I told them that I don’t want to lose freedom, and hence I don’t want police protection,” he added.

The writer said “I told them that I am sure that I need not worry in my Goa. they also told me that I need not worry in Goa but considering the plans they might do something outside the state specially Maharashtra or Karnataka. That was their apprehensions.”


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