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Saturday, March 25, 2023

There is no democracy in entire State: Rohan Khaunte responds to Tanavade

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Porvorim: Independent MLA Rohan Khaunte has responded to the statement by BJP Goa President Sadanand Shet Tanavade stating that there is no democracy in the entire state.


Referring to the statement by BJP Goa President Sadanand Shet Tanavade, Khaunte said “Tanavade went on record saying that there is terror in Porvorim and there is no democracy.”


“I think democracy is not there in entire state. There is suppression everywhere. People are pressurized. If you talk against the government , you get arrested. I was one of them.”


“I recall Ramayana. The kind of terror unleashed by Ravana resulted in the birth of Lord Ram. There is similar situation emerging now in the government, they swear by Lord Ram but their act is of Ravana.”


“There is need for Lord Ram to take birth. Considering the next election, Lord Ram has already taken birth, it is just a matter of time that the Ravan Sena would be sent back home.”


Khaunte has said that the five panch members from Salvador do Mundo panchayat who had joined BJP were elected on his panel as people had reposed faith in his performance.


“Salvador do Mundo panchayat panch members whoever left, they were elected on our panel in 2017. People had elected them by keeping faith on us. Some of them had got elected unopposed,” Khaunte said.


“It is faith and trust in people that was reposed in us due to which we were able to deliver.”

“I wouldn’t want to comment on the people who joined them. Why they joined, will be revealed during the course of time. There may be issue related to job & many other issues. It is just part of politics.”


Speaking about dropping him from the cabinet, Khaunte said “There was an issue why we were dropped from cabinet, they alleged that we behaved in autocratic style.”


“I had transformed IT, Revenue and Labour and Employment departments, the fruits of which are still being enjoyed by current government. The current government has been still continuing with those reforms, which has helped them to tide over the various problems.”


Khaunte said that he has been showing dissent in the state cabinet on agendas, which were against the interest of Goans. “Chief minister was trying to promote certain agenda which was against interest of Goans. That is where I used to step in and ensure that I register my dissent,” he said.


“Since the time I took over, I ensured that there is accountability, transparency, things by taking people into confidence. Last ten years, Porvorim has seen development through maximum project.”


“I have done it by taking panchayat into confidence. Three years back, six members of Succoro panchayat had joined BJP in the name of development. In last three years, development has been stopped in Sucoro panchayat. They are busy only in self-development.”


“BJP has inducted all scamsters, mafia, goondas because there is no situation wherein good people will join them.”


“We know how properties are forged and which sarpanch is involved. BJP government has protected them.” On asked whether there will be impact of this on his election prospects, Khaunte said “people are watching and they know why these panch members have shifted. They shifted in Succoro panchayat but still during Zilla Panchayat election, we got the lead there.”


“When it comes to election, people of Porvorim are good enough to understand what is good to them. BJP government’s performance has to come in front of the people.”

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