The Department of Tourism to Organize São João on 24th June 2024


Old Goa, 21st June 2024 – The Department of Tourism is set to host the annual grand celebration for Sao Joao at Helipad Dauji- Ella Old Goa on 24 June (10 AM-10 PM). The event will feature traditional music, dances, Goan cuisine, etc.

Mr Suneel Anchipaka, IAS, Director Tourism & Managing Director GTDC, stated, “The festival not only honors St. John the Baptist but also reinforces community bonds and celebrates the natural beauty and abundance of rains. Through this event, we aim to bring together locals and tourists to enjoy and cherish the Sao Joao festivities.”

Sao Joao is a traditional Goan festival celebrated with great enthusiasm, marking the feast of St. John the Baptist. The festival will feature Konkani programs by Lawry, Jr. Regan, Aki, Avito, Pershril, Kimberly, and Dr Stacy, Musical performances by bands 24k, Lynx, Crimson Tide, Archies, and Shine On, along with electrifying sets by DJ Naveen, DJ Aaron, and DJ Yash. Additionally the event will also feature Cultural Entertainment, Traditional Goan Songs and Dances, Food Stalls, and Rain Dance.

This year attendees can be part of a celebration that recognises the best efforts of the community with contests like – Best Koppel Contest, Best Sao Joao Outfit Contest-Individual/Couple, Best Sao Joao Outfit Contest-Family, Best Sao Joao Outfit-Traditional Group, Best Traditional Cookery Contest and Games like Pot Breaking and Coconut Rolling.

This festival, deeply rooted in Catholic tradition and the rhythms of the monsoon season, brings together religious fervor, cultural heritage, and communal joy. The Department of Tourism seeks to foster a deeper appreciation for local customs among residents and tourists alike. With this celebration, the state aims to boost tourism by showcasing the unique and vibrant traditions of Goa, inviting visitors to experience the authenticity and warmth of Goan hospitality and colorful celebrations.


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