Split in GCA, three Managing Committee members level allegations against the Secretary


Panaji: Three members of Goa Cricket Association’s Managing Committee in their email to GCA President Suraj Lotlikar has alleged “gross irregularities and illegalities in the functioning of the association.”

The members Shamba Desai (Vice President), Abdul Majid (Joint Secretary) and Paresh Phadte (Treasurer) have accused the GCA Secretary for supporting the illegalities.

All the aggrieved members have said that they are writing the email as their patience has run out. “Our patience and silence was the result of our regard for our colleagues in the Managing Committee and our sentimental connection to our GCA family.”

The members have said that “the functioning of the GCA is illegal in almost every aspect and grossly flouting the rules or justice. Loadha Committee recommendations.”

“The rule of business states a limit of Rs 5 lakh spending that is permissible at the discretion of the Secretary and yet this was flouted multiple times.”

They have said that the water tank construction is a prime example. “A expenditure of over Rs 9 lakhs was done. No procedure was followed. The contract was awarded to a known association of Mr Vinod Phadke, the father of Hon Secretary of the GCA. This is a serious conflict of interest.”

Every other expense is done in violation of rules. Clothing, travel, accommodation and other such expenses were done in violation of Lodha Committee recommendation, the members have alleged.

No tenders were ever invited for the expenses and empanelment of favoured suppliers was done according to whims of the Hon Secretary. In such circumstances, we alleged his own financial interest in grossly illegal process, the email reads.

Citing another violation of Lodha Committee recommendations, the members have said that no expenses were ever uploaded on our websites, neither were the minutes of the meetings uploaded. This process must be followed and failing to do so is illegal.

The email has also alleged that the decisions were taken keeping them in the dark.

“The Special General Body was canceled citing CAG procedural delay. Is this a joke? Or is this the GCA we are talking about? General Body is supreme and approval of CAG can no way impede the functioning of General Body. The height of irresponsibility was when instead of recalling the SGM, process of sending letters to clubs was undertaken.”

The email has also alleged “moreover in the letters send to clubs, he has betrayed us, his own colleagues. The letter states that all work was done with recommendation of Tender Committee. The fact of the matter is that the Tender Committee is no expert committee and approved work based on recommendation of the PMC and the consulting firms.  Showing Tender Committee in bad light in front of clubs is deceitful. The blame lies with PMC and consulting firms.”

The members have also alleged that Managing committee meeting was not held monthly, email of GCA was hacked, undertaking of putting up relaying for Porvorim ground and other allegations.


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