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Monday, January 24, 2022

SEZ settlement is a fraud on the people: AAP

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The Aam Aadmi party has said that this is yet another example of ‘match fixing’ between the BJP, and their coalition partners along with the congress where in all have come together to play a fraud  on the people by striking a settlement with the SEZ promoters by paying them 256 crores of tax payers money.
Addressing the media, AAP leader on environment Sidharth Karapurkar gave details of how around 40 lakh square meters of precious land was acquired from the communidades and given for an asking to SEZ promoters as held by the High court.
He said that the allocation of the land among 7 companies was done during the tenure of then chief minister Pratap Singh Rane on the recommendation of the then Industries minister Luizin Faleiro both of whom are in the opposition now, without following any procedure thus compelling the high court to pass strictures on the officials of the IDC and the Government.
It was brought out by Sidharth that all the 4 applications made were hand written with the same handwriting indicating that the process was flawed to help the SEZ promoters.
He further added that at the time of the application, 2 of those companies were not even registered as companies. Based on public outcry in 2007 the police merely registered complaints but without proceeding to investigate the matter and failed to register an appropriate FIR. Karapurkar said that there was some hope in 2012 that the BJP Government would take action but the Manohar Parrikar Government chose only to file complaints against unknown persons when the names of accused were known which included the name of then chairman of IDC and the present opposition leader Babu Kavlekar.
Explaining how the loot of Goas land was taking place, the AAP leader said that no environmental impact assessment studies were done, bore wells were allowed to be dug indiscriminately which sounded the death knell of the famous Kesarval spring.
He brought to light that in 2010 the high court in a petition had held huge lands which are public properties were allotted for asking of the said companies not known to law and questioned as to how the Government in collusion with opposition could settle the matter for 256 crores of tax payers money when on the contrary criminal action should have been launched against all the culprits, some of whom are MLAs in the present legislature.
He concluded by stating that Arvind Kejriwal was not wrong when he had branded BJP and Congress as a  husband and wife team. When reporters pointed out that Goa Forward Spokesman Trajan Dmello had accused congress of not speaking against SEZ settlement,  Karapurkar said that it is a shame that Goa Forward being in the ruling had succumbed to the evil designs of the BJP & company in looting the state.
Meanwhile, AAP convener Elvis Gomes condoled the death of Francis Rodrigues, one of the fiercest of activists from Tiracol, who was fighting for the protection of Tiracol from land sharks who had invaded Tiracol with help from successive Governments and further said that the whole state has been hijacked by the crony capitalists with the help of the entire block of the ruling and the opposition, which only the people coming together under a commando style operation can help in saving the motherland.


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