SCM writes to MLAs objecting to House Tax structure introduced in Goa Municipalities (Amendment) Ordinance

Panaji : A memorandum regarding amendment of Municipal act pertaining to house tax was yesterday handed over to MLAs Alexio Reginaldo, Digamber Kamat and Vijai Sardesai by Shadow Council for Margao (SCM). SCM has vehemently opposed this ordinance as they feel it puts unnecessary burden on the public by increasing the house tax hence is against public interest.
In some of the key highlights the memorandum reckoned that only the provisions related to shops and leases were being discussed in the public field hand sections of the act pertaining to House Tax are being neglected. The memorandum speaks about the arbitrary house tax structure introduced in Goa Municipalities (Amendment) Ordinance.
“The new system which is supposed to be introduced by the from 2021-2022 is draconian as it is unaffordable,” said the memorandum. SCM also inferred that the new proposed house tax which is between 0.1% to 1% is exorbitant. “The actual method of valuation is not prescribed and hence could be detrimental to public interest,” moreover SCM also said the penalties introduced for the late payment of tax is unjustified.


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