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Sawant’s vision for Goa is not Swayampurna, but one of lawlessness and barbarism– Vijai Sardesai

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Fatorda MLA Vijai Sardesai expressed his shock, apprehension and concern over the gruesome double murder of Minguel Miranda (65) and his mother-in-law Catarina Pinto (85) at Ambaji, Fatorda. Rushing to the scene of the crime, Sardesai urged the Fatorda police to immediately pursue all leads and solve the case and bring justice to the family. Speaking to reporters Vijai blamed the government for its continued negligence on law and order across the state saying, “the Chief Minister who’s also the Home Minister is busy mobilising the police force to clamp down on people who are legitimately protesting the government’s anti-Goan policies.

Sardesai lambasted the government over the rising cases of heinous crimes stating that “the security of citizens comes last on the agenda of the Pramod Sawant government, and he is single handedly making Goa a lawless and violent state.” The Goa Forward Party President hit out questioning the CM’s priorities and asked what his plans are to protect the people of Goa. Sardesai said “from women’s safety to senior citizens’ security, road safety, retail and commercial safety, Goa is becoming a savage and lawless state, and the government needs to be held accountable.” Vijai further said that “Sawant’s vision of Goa is not Swayampurna, but a place of absolute lawlessness and rampant crime.

Sardesai pointed out that throughout his time as MLA, the people of Fatorda have never seen such horrific crime in the constituency.” Vijai urged the people to remain vigilant and attentive to any suspicious activity in Fatorda.

Vijai Sardesai said that the Fatorda police would have to think ‘out of the box’ on ways to keep the residents safe. He said “while the state government cares only about their own personal projects, the police is the only refuge available to the people, and the government and the ministry in particular, without giving any direction or leadership, is abdicating its responsibility and leaving them to fend for themselves. The net result is that Goemkars are exposed to serious threats from criminal elements.


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