Sawant a complete failure as Home Minister; cannot keep even Doctors safe in Goa: AAP


Aam Aadmi Party has condemned the recent assault on a senior doctor in Porvorim. Expressing shock at the lack of action in the case, leader of AAP’s Medical Cell Dr. Mariano Godinho slammed the BJP Govt for forcing the doctors fraternity to organize a protest to demand justice. The BJP Govt far from being serious about dealing with providing safety for doctors is more interested in interfering in their functioning. 2 days ago Health Minister Rane, who is yet to take concrete steps after the assault was seen interfering in the GSC’s pick for the GMC dean. In an unprecedented move Rane insisted that the GPSC’s pick was not qualified and backed Dr SM Bandekar who has been holding the position on an ad hoc basis

The BJP never fails to use the work of Corona heroes like doctors for their own PR, but never cares about the issues that concern them or about protecting them. The CM Pramod Sawant always proudly puts Dr before his name but right now he has not intervened for the medical fraternity. The Health Minister who should have also intervened is instead too busy trying to overule an autonomous body to favor his pick for the dean of GMC. It has to be noted that the Health Minister oversaw a man made Oxygen crisis created during the second wave due to his unilateral pick for an Oxygen supplier.

“It is a shame for Goa that our senior doctors had to come out on the road in protest against the apathy of the police. It was the duty of the Home Ministry to take immediate and strong action in this case, and send a message that such acts would not be tolerated. Instead, the BJP Govt was busy shielding the main accused, forcing the doctors to leave their important work and spend their valuable time to protest and demand action. This is the biggest failure of the BJP Govt, and specifically of Pramod Sawant as Home Minister”, Dr. Godinho said.
Stating that specific laws such as the “Goa Medicare Service Personnel Act, 2013” were available for the authorities to take strong action and create a deterrence against such incidents, Dr. Godinho said there was no explanation for the inaction of police in this case. Targeting Rane, Dr. Godinho said” It is unheard of that the Health Minister attacks an autonomous body because he wants to favor one person over the other.”

“It is unconscionable that doctors have to face assault, that too after being the frontline warriors in the fight against Covid. The pandemic has taken a toll on the doctors’ mental and physical health, with hundreds losing their lives across country. Doesn’t Sawant have any respect or concern for them?”, AAP Leader Dr Vibhas Prabhudesai, AAP Goa Spokesperson demanded to know.
“It is shocking that such an incident would happen in Goa and despite having a doctor as CM no action has been taken. Either the police were unaware of the laws, or they were pressured by political bosses, or both. This is simply not acceptable”, said AAP Goa Porvorim Assembly incharge Vignesh Apte.
“At a time when doctors are being assaulted the CM is silent and the Health Minister is busy playing favorites against the GPSC. DO they have no respect for our frontline warriors in the middle of a pandemic?” said AAP Goa Convenor Rahul Mhambre
Expressing complete support to the doctor’s fraternity ,Aam Aadmi Party said that the party would take further action if the doctors’ demands are not met.


  1. AAP has given 1 Cr. For the Frontline Warriors who died of Covid-19 Disease. Hope BJP will do the same in Goa.


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