RG Members in Swindon offer mass to save Goa


Panaji: Revolutionary Goan members from Swindon organised a special mass intention to ‘Save Goa’ and urged people to unitedly vote for a change in the upcoming assembly elections.

In the homily delivered by the Priest who celebrated the mass, Fr Cristo Menezes requested Goans to vote for Revolutionary Goans highlighting that it was the only hope for Goa.

He emphasized on the eighth commandment which prohibits all forms of theft.

“They are strong followers of our commandment ‘thou shalt not steal’ or indulge in any form of corruption. They are fighting for the truth and we pray that their party registration takes place at the earliest. There are many negative elements who are uniting against them to defame and tarnish their image. May they be protected from all these forms of evil,” said the priest while delivering his sermon.

He also pointed out how a lot could be done by our Goans who are in Swindon through prayer.

“Only a positive attitude was all that is needed to bring about a change in Goa. There is a need for a new government to form that will overthrow the existing one. Goans should unitedly vote for a change in this election. All those who have not yet registered with RG please do so.  We need to work towards saving our Goa,” said Fr Cristo.

“We should pray, read the work of God and also make small sacrifices as well as fast for this intention. We can save Goa only through the teachings of Jesus. Our government is not working for the good of the Niz Goenkar but for their own selfish gains,” he added.


  1. RG & BJP are two sides of the same coin. They both do politics of hate. RG is saying POGO and BJP is saying BHUMIPUTRA. RG & BJP Speaking against Humanity in front of Humans is a clear cut Politics of Hates. Politics of Hates has no place in a Peaceful Goa. Goans don’t want violence, please.


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