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Revolutionary Goans promises free governmemnt jobs for aspiring Goan youth


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Panaji: Revolutionary Goans released its third promise ahead of the state legislative assembly election.

RG chief Manoj Parab addressing press conference said that once they form the government, the aspiring Goan youth will get the government jobs without paying any bribes.

He said that the Staff Selection Commission would be made functional with the proper staff strength while commission’s section 7 sub section 8of the Act will be cancelled.

The RG has said that the common written exam willb e conducted twice a year for jobs which are common in nature for all departments.

The RG, which is fighting as Goa Su-raj party, said that preliminary oral interview will be conducted for the merit list candidates.

The government will introduce video recording and optimum mark reader system. The question paper will be randomly selected by machines to avoid favouritism and to stop malpractices of Question paper.

Any human interference or malpractice will be termed as punishable offence.

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  1. Goa Suraj Party (Revolution Goans) is anti-National party. Because GSRP (RG) say Ghati to Indians who are staying and working in Goa. Ghati is a bad word for Indians who are staying and working in Goa.


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