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Ready to be “Vishdeep ” for Goans: AAP

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Aap said that the formalin issue was getting murkier by the day as more and more information was tumbling out about attempts being made to suppress the truth and the reported movement of some congress MLA’s led by Digambar Kamat was linked to exercising control over the impending explosion of the whole episode.
Launching a scathing attack, AAP Convenor Elvis Gomes said that the FDA director was not only leading herself into an unwarranted situation but was taking her departmental staff also onto a path from which it would be difficult to extricate them. Gomes charged the department as well as the government of still not coming clean on the formalin issue and also refusing to part with information which in normal course would have taken 30 days to get, even though it should have been issued within 48 hours. He said that in the absence of CM, they were looking to Digambar Kamat for his experience in handling scams in the past during his rule. Citing the latest attempt by activist Kashinath Shetye to get the full information which as claimed by Shetye was denied to him, Gomes said that information is coming out about suppression of very crucial reports filed by the inspection team headed by Iva Fernandes which cite names of big players who interfered in the conduct of proper investigation. He added that as the Party through it’s leader Valmiki Naik has filed a writ petition in the High Court, the Court would be requested to order an investigation into this fiasco to fix criminal responsibility on those involved in obscuring the truth.
Meanwhile AAP said that time has come for the people to unseat the government as well the opposition as both had become incapacitated with the weight of the kickbacks received from formalin in fish lobby. AAP General Secretary Pradeep Padgaonkar said that such legislators who don’t care for the health of the people should be banished forever as the act of using formalin was unpardonable. ” How can we allow greed of money to freely allow poisoning of our own people? Imagine the effect of formalin on children’s health.” Said Padgaonkar. Citing the case of the legendary Shivaji Maharaj, Padgaonkar said that Shivaji was gifted with a ‘Vishdeep’ which had the special properties of detecting poison in food if any. He said that Goans now badly required the ‘Vishdeep’ to protect themselves and as the government and the opposition had failed the people, AAP was certainly ready to be the ‘Vishdeep’ for the people of Goa.


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