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Railway double tracking, national highway expansion projects are in national interest: DGP


Panaji: Goa’s Director General of Police (DGP) Mukesh Kumar Meena on Saturday supported the projects including expansion of National Highway and double tracking of the Railway in the state claiming that they were being planned in the “national interest.”

Responding to a question during a press conference in Panaji, the DGP said that it is surprising that the people are demonstrating against the developmental projects, while in other states “people protest demanding such kind of projects.”

Several NGOs and opposition parties are opposing expansion of National Highway and double tracking of South Western Railway line claiming that these projects are undertaken to help influential coal handling companies.

Meena said that the police will provide security to the agencies which are implementing these projects so that they are not stopped by the protestors.

“These projects are part of the national interest. These projects are planned considering the interest of the entire nation. Double tracking of the railway will also help to bring in more tourists,” he said.

The DGP said that the police will take action against those people who are obstructing these projects. The DGP said that the government of India “must have done proper study before implementing these projects.”

“When government takes up any project, there is proper procedure that is followed,” he said.

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  1. Government official said that project are passed in the national interest suppose anyone has daughter or son and they work as a Engineer,Doctor or police officer but you cannot directly force their daughter or son to become a Engineer ,Doctor or Police officer first you have to take in confidence ask your daughter or son about her or his ambition ,what she or he is like to be then only is the correct decision of the father or mother likewise the centre and state government cannot forcibly do those project without taking local people into confidence so the government should take people into confidence because our constitution is Democracy which means government is By the people ,Of the people and For the people Otherwise change the constitution as Dictatorship and he said double tracking will bring more tourist but in pandemic the railway route was closed so the robberies were rear because most robberies in Goa happens when the railway route is operational just think about it because this higher come here afterward transfers or get retired and go so it does’t effect them we are the sufferers.

  2. Since whe have the DGP taken the concsent of the people of Goa and by the people of Goa. You think in the name of National project the government can shit on the people and by pass anything and everything. Why doesn’t the government discuss matters with people who are opposing it. This is a one way ticket for Capitalism. Bring the issue and out it out for the Nation to discuss and the see. This is day light robbery by the present government in the name of National project. In the National intrest they should stop this project in Goa.


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