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PWD locks Science park owned by Panchayat, locals warn to break open the lock

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Porvorim: The ambitious project of Science and Technology Park conceived by former CM Manohar Parrikar was surprisingly locked by the PWD, when the property is owned by Penha De Franca panchayat.

Assistant Engineer told Khaunte that the Executive Engineer has given instruction to stop the work and lock the site for Science Park.

Khaunte said that the property belongs to the Penha de Franca panchayat and the department has no right to lock the property.

The Porvorim MLA visited the site only to find the property locked. Khaunte has said that the panchayat will file a case against PWD tomorrow and the lock would be broken to get access to the property.

Khaunte said that the case would be filed against the EE for taking such a step.

“ Science and community park was a concept which was conceived along with Manohar Parrikar. It is to give realistic feeling on science. This was a proto model and they were supposed to do this throughout Goa.”

“The proposal was split between PWD and Science and Technology. The work is like landscaping and furniture is yet to be installed here.”

Khaunte said that several parents had approached him asking to open the park. “After speaking with Panchayat we had decided to provide wifi facility here so that the student can answer exam smoothly,” he said.

When I came to know that the park is locked, I was told that this park is closed because chief minister fears that I would open the park on my birthday on February 25, he said.

Khaunte questioned how PWD can lock the infrastructure which belongs to Panchayat. “We wanted to start this facility because of examination. We don’t believe in inauguration, we believe in starting the project,” he said.

Khaunte said that the government has taken the politics to the lowest level by stopping people from taking benefit of the project.

He said that if the lock is not opened by morning tomorrow, the locals will break it open by evening and without waiting for the inauguration, the facility would be used.

“They are playing with the money of people and I will not tolerate it,” the MLA said.


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