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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Pramod Sawant’s legacy will be built on the curses of Goans – Vijai Sardesai

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Commenting on the Chief Minister’s statement on the three linear projects, Goa Forward Party President, Vijai Sardesai said that “instead of solving vital issues faced by Goans, Sawant is shamelessly focusing on his personal legacy.” Speaking to reporters, Sardesai said in the past five years, Goa has seen how this government has handled, or rather mishandled these issues, but the CM is thinking of his personal glory at the cost of Goa and Goemkars.

Sardesai asserted that “if the three linear projects are allowed by bulldozing the wishes of the people, letting loose the police on peaceful protestors and arresting dissenters, they will curse him and he will have to settle down at Dodamarg.” He lambasted the CM’s earlier statement that Goans will thank the power minister Nilesh Cabral and Pramod Sawant for the initiatives taken by them for bringing in this development. Sardesai said these two will be remembered as the destroyers of Goa’s environment and ecosystem at Mollem, its UNESCO protected heritage, and as the betrayers of mother Mhadei.
The Fatorda MLA hit out at the Chief Minister’s plan on Sonsoddo saying “the government is now thinking of two big plants of 25 tons each, conveniently ignoring the key factors of the issue. He highlighted that first the bioremediation has to take place, following which the plants have to be erected and then connected to the grid. He stated that a daily amount of over 35 tons of waste is not being treated and is simply being left in the dump.

Questioned on the ongoing reservation issue regarding the upcoming local body elections, Sardesai refrained from commenting as the matter is in court. However, the GFP chief questioned why the BJP is scared of openly fighting the municipal elections on party lines, and said that the BJP only wants to find crooked ways to win this election; they are cowards, afraid to face even their own people. Sardesai challenged the BJP to at least be honest and straight forward when it comes to Goa and the people of Goa.


  1. Regional Parties & Independents Criticize Congress & BJP before election and after election they join these same parties. Today & Yesteryears Government includes these Regional Parties & Independents who Criticized Congress & BJP before election. Trusting Regional Parties and Independents is like voting for either Congress & BJP, because after election they are going to join either Congress or BJP.


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